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Acting for Theatre/Film

Registration for Acting for Film is still open. See below!

Acting offers classes for students who wish to concentrate solely on acting or wish to augment the acting classes offered in the Triple Threat Division. Students will hone their acting skills, learning about improv, diction, monologue, scene study and more. This program has three age groups – Acting 1 (Grades 3-5) Acting 2 (Grades 6-8), and Acting 3 (Grades 9-12)

  • Acting for Theatre (September - December) — In this theatre based acting class, students learn games that help develop trust, collaboration, spontaneity, and creativity. Their imagination and skills will be further developed through structured technical exercises, coupled with scene study and character building. In the Acting 3 group, students focus more on individual work, more difficult scenes, and clear character development, refining and finessing their acting skills.
  • Acting for Film (January - April) — In this film focused acting class, students are introduced to on camera acting techniques, commercial and film audition skills, frame work and memorization skills, camera special effects as well as behind the scenes camera observation and reflection. Each level will focus on skills appropriate to their age group, and time will be spent on creating and choosing fun, challenging scenes/mini movies to be presented on the final day of class at our “Movie Premiere” along with other term work, complete with popcorn and red carpet!  All students will receive a copy of the final film projects.



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