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Why Fringe?

Submitted by Darlene Spencer on 6/28/2013

Why not? Especially now that I don’t even have to leave the building.  Or if I do, can walk from my office to one of 35 venues within walking distance of Randolph and choose from 138 shows to see.

Some of them are bound to be the best theatre I’ll see all year. And, to be fair, likely some of the worst theatre too. I don’t mind though. I’ll have only spent 10 bucks and there is still tonnes to learn from my seat in the theatre.

Fun fact: I made my first professional connections to the Toronto theatre scene, people who would later hire me, at the Tranzac Club at my very first Fringe in 1988.

A group of us studying at University of Waterloo would come up to TO and bunk with friends for the weekend hoping to share a beer with the popular Fringe kids, Daniel MacIvor, Mump and Smoot, or Don McKellar to name a few.  I’ve been blessed to act, direct, co-write, produce and tour the Fringe circuit, in seven Fringe Seasons.  

After a hiatus of several years, and through Randolph’s community partnership with the Toronto Fringe, I had the chance to be a part of our production of Bernarda Alba last season.

I’m hooked again.  The Fringe has a way of doing that.  When an invitation to direct a show came up this year, I jumped at it.  Though our production of Myra’s Story didn’t get pulled in the Toronto Fringe lottery, our production was awarded the top award for Outstanding Production at the London Fringe and we tech for the Hamilton Fringe in two weeks.

So GO! See shows, visit the Fringe tent, meet artists from Canada and the world and take in as much as you can.

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