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Audition Tour Day 7 - Halifax

Submitted by Darlene Spencer on 2/22/2012

Raced to Neptune theatre this morning after a late arrival. Twice as many applicants as last year. People came in from all parts of the province, PEI, New Brunswick and Newfoundland. A lovely group from Kostume Kapers,a performing arts school in Sydney, Cape Breton joined us for the masterclasses. Exhausted, we headed to the Economy Shoestore for lobster bisque, catching an installation art project on a construction site between Argyle and Barrington (see photo). A great night's sleep at the Waverley Inn, a grand old estate home, where Oscar Wilde stayed when he visited Halifax and then we were back to the airport only to be told that our plane couldn't land because of the fog. It's a rainy day in Halifax from the window of our airport hotel. Sigh. Going through customs on his north american tour, when Oscar Wilde was asked if he had anything to declare. He replied, "nothing....but my genius".

We miss you.....

 art on Argyle Street

our final night at the Waverley

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