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Audition Tour Day 5 – Winnipeg

Submitted by Darlene Spencer on 2/21/2012

Our final day of this amazing cross country expedition began as we jumped an early morning flight to Winnipeg where once again the sunny skies and temperate climate greeted us. The auditions happened at the Asper Centre for Theatre and Film, UW. Past Randolph faculty members Christopher Brauer teaches there currently and on the wall of the Theatre Department, was a photo of one of their past teachers, Alexis Butler. The head of the theatre program at University of Winnipeg, Tim Babcock, and I discussed how these amazing people have given so much to our respective programs. Lunch was graciously provided for us by Twist Cafe owner Rob Soloway (non other than Sami Soloway's dad) who delivered a delicious lunch, in person, to us. Another talented group and an exciting session of master classes, with students from one of the local high school’s musicals that Lauren enjoyed earlier this year, and it was back to the airport for me as I hopped a flight back to Toronto. I didn't get to see much of the skyline at this stop, other than what you see behind me at the airport, but Winnipeg was the perfect place to finish off the first leg of our journey in search of next year's class.

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