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Submitted by on 11/14/2019

The Board of Directors is pleased to announce the appointment of Jeff Plotnikoff to the position of Executive Director of the Randolph College for the Performing Arts. As Executive Director, Mr. Plotnikoff will provide overall leadership and management of all programs of the Randolph College for the Performing Arts, according to the strategic direction set by the Strategic Advisor and RCPA Board of Directors. Lauren Brett Randolph has been appointed to the position of Strategic Advisor.

Jeff Plotnikoff joined RCPA in March 2019 as Director of Human Resources, bringing with him his years of human resources expertise built from working in hospitalities, group homes and assisted living residences, software development and services and marketing/advertising. This body of experience combines beautifully with his training as a professional coach, uniquely positioning him to maximize workplace happiness, growth and productivity for the communities he serves. He is very excited to contribute to the great work that RCPA does, supporting and continuing to build on the tremendous legacy the College represents as it moves forward into 2020.

As Strategic Advisor, Ms. Brett Randolph will serve as a sounding board for the Board of Directors, Executive Director, and the Senior Management team as they develop strategic and tactical plans to realize our Mission, Vision and Values. In addition, she will be leading the team in developing new and potential partnerships, opportunities, markets and trends.

In making the announcement, Lauren Brett Randolph said, “It has been my honour to serve the RCPA community in the capacity of executive director for the past few years. There have been a lot of changes and exciting initiatives that have happened, but I feel it's now time to pass the baton on. I have every confidence in Jeff's abilities to lead this organization into a new era as Executive Director, along with the support of Anita Kovacevic and the powerhouse team. I am excited to move into the new position of Strategic Advisor to ensure that the mission, vision and values continue to be connected to the organization and to look for new opportunities for the school.”

Lauren Brett Randolph was appointed by the Board of Directors to the position of Executive Director in December 2017. During Ms. Brett Randolph’s tenure as Executive Director, RCPA benefitted greatly from her commitment to facing challenges head-on which resulted in changes that benefitted the RCPA community as a whole. Chief among her accomplishments was her commitment to leadership development, evidenced with the appointment of co-artistic directors Michael Reinhart and Adam White as well as the hiring and advancement of Mr. Plotnikoff. In addition, Ms. Brett Randolph recognized the changing needs of staff, students and others in the RCPA community, and implemented a growth mindset approach that positively impacted everything from teaching curriculum to hiring in both the College and Kids Programs. Ms. Brett Randolph also led the way in clarifying policies, as well as establishing of a new mission, vision and values for the organization that contributed to a significant rebranding effort in fall 2019.


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