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Summer Camps (Grades 1-8)

With Randolph Kids Camps, you don’t have to decide between dance camp, theatre camp or music camp – you can have all three wrapped up in one arts camp.  Campers can explore the arts no matter what their level of development.

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Registration opens January 3, 2019.


Discover the wonderful world of musical theatre in this pint-sized version of the Randolph Kids year-long program.  This fun-filled four or five day camp features singing, acting, dancing and crafts.  Family and friends can also experience the magic in a showcase performance on the final day of camp.

Grades 1-2 as of Fall 2019



Spend summer in the spotlight at our Spotlight: Performing Arts Camp, singing, dancing and acting!  Campers work as an ensemble to create a musical performance with choreographed routines.  Hip hop, vocal, improvisation classes, as well as fun camp activities help build foundational skills and a sense of fun!  Our “Camper’s Choice” will allow campers to express themselves by choosing weekly electives in unique dance styles, vocal and acting techniques.  Campers will dazzle family and friends with an onstage performance in the Randolph Theatre on the last day of camp.

Junior: Grades 3-4*

Intermediate: Grades 5-6*

Senior: Grades 7-8*

*As of Fall 2019

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